To be honest I had never thought of Twilight as an anti-feminist book, although I will admit that I always said how Bella was really dumb and had no personality at all. Before I saw the movie I pictured her a little, skinny girl who seemed weak and easy to persuade.

If you are not familiarized with the story, a really brief summary would be that Bella is a mortal girl who falls in love with a vampire -who is described as a perfect man- but also likes her best friend Jacob, who ends up being a werewolf; if you have not read the books, I highly encourage you to do it and tell me your opinion about it. 

In the essay Taking a Bite out of Twilight by Carmen D. Siering, its mentioned that “while Twilight is presented as a love story, scratch the surface and you will find an allegorical tale about the danger of unregulated female sexuality.” what she means by this, as explained on her essay is that Stephenie Meyer -Author of Twilight– portraits Bella as a character that is “…in need of someone to take charge, someone to take care of her. (page 439).” Siering mentions how this is really bad because female fans take Bella as a role model. 

As a contra-argument, Siering quotes Meyer multiple times as she tries to explain how she made Bella a kind of plain character in order to make it easier for the fans to identify with her But Siering refutes saying that it just shows women as a weak character that cannot make decisions on their own and that they are rather Meyer’s decisions, not so much Bella’s. 

As a Twilight female fan I will have to disagree with Siering because her arguments are rather weak; they don’t really convince me of changing my mind because, for me, it is obvious to assume that the decisions a character makes in a novel are the same decisions the author wants to make, based on his/her beliefs and background. Not every book needs to sell a role model image of a book but rather show different kind of realities, thus I do not believe the book was intended to be harmful for the female population but rather showing a type of girl that can be found in society.  

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