Named the third city with best quality of life in Brazil, Florianópolis or Floripa as its know by locals is a wonderful touristic destination due to its beautiful beaches, awaken night life and the amazing friendly people that live in this beautiful island. Also, it is considered one of the safest places in Brazil; but, if you’re still having second thought about this marvelous place, lets see what else it has to offer:

If you are into extreme sports, such as surfing, Floripa offers some of the most amazing waves and Pro Surf tour events that are usually watched by scouts from all around the world.

Furthermore, Florianópolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina and half of the capital is in the continent and the other half is an Island, how amazing is that? Two bridges connect both parts: Colombo Salles and Pedro Ivo Campos. And that allows tourists and habitants to have easy transportation throughout the entire city. There is another bridge, and even though it doesn’t work anymore is one of the best-known landmarks from Floripa. Its name is Hercílio Luz Bridge and it can be easily found in postcards that show the city.


Without further ado, if you feel like relaxing and enjoying what nature and human development have to offer, you can find it all in this amazing city, full of friendly people and unbelievable sights.

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