Rough Draft

When it comes to writing things like essays for example, I’m not the best; but I guess most people share the same problem. Nevertheless, I always try my best and usually succeed to create a good piece of writing. Usually, in high school, I would get really good grades for all of my papers but we all know college is a lot harder and requires more critical thinking for every single thing we do; thus, it takes a longer time and a lot more dedication to write an essay in college.

When I got my first assignment for English class which was making a response to an extract of the book written by Steven Johnson, I was really worried specially since I didn’t like the subject. It is always scary to deal with essays but it is even worse when you don’t enjoy the topic you have to talk about. Anyways, I had to do it so I started out and, surprisingly everything started to flow. I liked my draft and I was content with what I did. 

Now that I am working on the final draft, I kind of twisted the focus a little bit more to how Johnson writes instead of what he writes but I’m keeping a lot form my rough draft because to tell you the truth, I really tried hard to get it done well.

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