San Martín De Los Andes



Following the path of South American places to visit, my next post will be about San Martin de los Andes, a wonderful place near the commonly visited city of Bariloche. In 2009, for my birthday, my parents, my brother and I traveled to Argentina to enter an amazing adventure on the country of tango and wine. As we were looking into cheaper places to stay near the cities we wanted to visit, we found an extraordinary small town in the region of La Patagonia, located by the end of the Andes.

One of the things that really called my eye, was the architecture that can be seen all around. Most houses are colorful and are built in a way that will allow them to go through the four station without barely any damage; and it’s really easy to find constructions made it brick by the first habitants of the town. This city is relatively new, knowing that it was founded in 1898. Its economy is based in textiles, fishing, woodwork and chocolate!

Just walking around the city is an awesome experience and if you want you can take eco-walks through the varied nature and sights that you will find. I totally recommend it and I seriously can’t wait to go back.


3 thoughts on “San Martín De Los Andes

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