This week I want to honor my hometown, Medellin, by dedicating this post to guide you through the beauty of the city I was born in. Although it’s been told by the media that Medellin is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, I can promise you that the only risk is wanting to stay.

This is the second largest city in Colombia, an amazing country located in North-Western South America. Medellin was founded in the XVII century -more precisely in 1616- by Francisco Herrera Campuzano, Medellin was named this year the most innovative city in the world because of its advances in politics, education, transportation and social aspects.

Its elevation is 4,905 ft over the sea level which makes it have the perfect temperature all year round (because Colombia doesn’t have seasons). People like the temperature so much that they call it “The City of The Endless Spring.” Medellin’s Human Development Index (HDI) is 0.886 which is very high compared to other developing cities in the world.

For me, what make Medellín an amazing place to travel is that, apart of all of the things you can do in the city and its surroundings, you will find amazing people who will make your experience one of a kind. People from Medellín, or Paisas as called regionally, are naturally nice and genuine and they love foreigners. So don’t think more about it; save some money and buy you plane tickets to Medellin -or as I personally call it,- to paradise.

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