Rough Draft


Since I was told that I had to do a Wikipedia entry, I freaked out thinking “how am I going to find a topic that is not already in Wikipedia?” I mean, seriously, it seems like an impossible task. Thus, I had to do lots of research to find a topic that I liked and suited my final project. After lots and lots of research I found Cognit Space, which was perfect because it was related to Dreams -which is the topic for my research project- and it’s something that interested me. Sadly, I found no information about this topic: not in books, not in databases, not online, not even one article about it. Then, frustrated, I had to start my research over again. I gave up on the idea of finding a topic that would match my final research project subject because I had a two-day non-succesful research. But then I had the greatest idea: I would go local. I chose a band from my hometown called Piso 21. It was the perfect topic because they are super famous already in Colombia and as they grow their becoming popular al over the world so if someone wanted to find more stuff about them they could now go on Wikipedia and see it.

To be honest, as they’re such a new band, it was really hard to find information about them and good sources for the information needed but after tons of research I found what I needed. The fact that I like the band helped me a lot because it made the process much more bearable and, as a proud Colombian, I want to show the local talent. It also helped me learn a lot more about the band and about the lives of its members, like all the  awards they’ve won and all the hits they’ve had so far, which was really interesting. I still have to work on finding my hyperlinks and on doing my in-text citation but I feel the information is already concise enough and the research is pretty much finished by now. Nevertheless, I will take it to the writing center to get a second opinion about it before turning it in.

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