Being the southermost country of Central America, The Republic of Panama, is located in the isthmus connecting North and South America, and it’s bordered by Costa Rica to the West and, my home country, Colombia, to the South East. Unlike most countries, Panama is fortunate to have beaches on both oceans, The Pacific and The Atlantic or, as some people call it, The Caribbean Ocean. A fun fact to know is that Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador were once one country called La Gran Colombia; but with the help or the US army and government, panama seceded from Colombia. Panama’s capital is Panama City.

I have personally visited Panama because a big part of my family lives there, thus we go every time we get a shot. Panama as a whole is not very big but it doesn’t need to. This relatively small country has so much to offer that, when being there, you forget about the size and start thinking on the quality of life that its inhabitants have.

One of my favorite things to do in Panama is SHOPPING! As a commercial port is located in the Panama Canal, the merchandise is cheaper than in most countries; thus, you can find amazing deals from your favorite brands. Also, the malls in the city are huge and have all the stores that you need. And, what’s the best thing to do after a long day of shopping? go to relax at the beach!

so do not hesitate on coming to the central part of the American continent and let yourself be impressed but all of the wonders that can only be found in Panama.

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