Rough Draft essay 3



As we start getting closer and closer to the final project: the research paper, our writing must improve and become more deep; thus, that’s something I really tried with this rough draft. I put my own in this paper because it is a topic that is really close to me, to my heart, as it makes me remember my goodnight kiss everyday from my day, which would be follow by “tell yourself to remember your dreams tomorrow morning.” In the essay I explain why it was so important to me to do so and how it began to be a problem as my dreams started to become nightmares. My readers (classmates) really liked the fact that I made it really personal because, somehow it made it easier for them to relate to it, and thus, easier to read. I will work a lot in my transitions in order to make them smoother and I will try and give some more information on the final draft without giving away too much.

So far I have really liked it and I will just keep working on making it better!

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