The deadline for Essay Four is right around the corner and the preparation must start; the first thing I do whenever I have an essay due, is set a deadline for reading my sources, and take from them what I need. Then I do an outline with the ideas that seemed most important for me and the things that I feel are necessary to put on my essay. Then I start writing following the outline done previously, and I continue this way until all of the ideas have been completed.

Essay Four is probably the most challenging of all of the essays we have done so far, not only because is longer, but because it requires a personal opinion of a phenomenon that has not yet been settled with specific causes. Thus, it requires lots of time to be invested on it and a lot more research in order to make a decision on what theory one must chose for conniving the readers. It also must present facts that support your theory and valid arguments to back up the information given.

I hope my process works and the result of it is a well-writen essay that will be a good experience for my readers to read and enjoy!

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