Bogotá, is the capital of the beautiful country Colombia. It is the politic, economic, administrative, industrial, artistic, cultural, turista and sport epicenter of the country.  It is located in the middle of Colombia, in a natural region known as the Sabana de Bogotá, which is next to the Andes cordillera. is the third highest capital in South America, after La Paz and Quito, being 2625 meters above the sea level. In 2010 the population was 7, 363, 782. Bogota is also commonly known as “The South American Athens” because of its wide list of cultural events.    

I have been to Bogotá multiple times already and I love it. The city is very different from any other city in my beautiful homeland; the pace is very fast and they dress in neutral colors just like in any other busy, big city. There’s always something going on like concerts or plays or cultural events of that kind. I am really excited because I will have the opportunity to visit in a week and see all of the amazing things the city has to offer. I would recommend you travel to Bogotá if you like cities rather than nature and also, if you like good nightlife, Bogotá is the place to be!Image 


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