Budapest, Hungary

Eastern Europe has became a very attractive destiny for tourists over the past few years. One of the cities that has attract the greatest number of visitor is Hungary’s capital, Budapest.

With its assorted architecture that ranges from Roman, to Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, Budapest is pretty easy on the eyes. A walk along the Danube river can provide amazing views. From one side, you can have a breath-taking sight of the Buda Castle, and from the other side you can admire the Hungarian Parliament.



Many bridges connect Buda and Pest (the two sides of Budapest), but the most famous one is The Chain Bridge. It was the first bridge accross the Danube river in Budapest, and it remains as one of the most important attractions for tourists in the city. A funny fact about the bridge is that the lions that adorn the bridgehead have no tongue.

bigpreview_Budapest, Hungary


Among many historic monuments in Budapest, a quite remarkable one is “Shoes on The Danube Promenade”, which is located on the bank of the Danube River and honors the Jews who were killed during World War II.



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