Now that winter is coming and you will have a break of at leaf a month, wouldn’t you like to spend those day is the beach with the sun in your body warming you up and some refreshing breeze passing through? well, how about going to Miami for winter break? I have had the opportunity to visit Miami and I love it every time more. My favorite part is the beach because it is a place you can be fully relaxed at and just listen to the sound of the sea crashing against the sand while getting tan; what could be better?

Plus, the city has amazing sales all year round! thus you can get things of really good brands for really fair prices; the malls are huge, so you have a lot of options to choose from. The city does not have the best museums in my opinion but it has other things to do like multiple cultural events that happen daily. It is also fairly close to Disney, thus, if you feel like taking a longer trip, go to Miami and enjoy what the city has to offer.


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