I consider myself a dreamer,  a big time dreamer; one of my biggest dreams has always been going to the love city, Paris. It is located in the north of France and it’s one of the largest population centers in Europe. Paris is known for being big on art and culture; it is also the landmark for many movies -mostly romantic-. I have always dreamed of going there and taking multiple pictures next to the Eiffel Tower, traveling in little boats through the river and going to a nice restaurant a eat some amazing french bread.

I have met people from Paris -at least 5- and they are all extremely nice but every time I say I want to go they say that people in the city are really cold and not very helpful. Thus, if you are planning to travel to Paris, make sure you have your own maps and thing of that kind, because if you ask someone, they might get annoyed and then, they won’t help you.

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