cancun 2Located in the Yucatan Peninsula and with the Caribe around it, it is surrounded by one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The view reminds you of a tropical piece of art and the water is full of blue gradients and it breaks on the sand with a fluffy and white colored texture where palm tress appear dancing throughout the wind.

Do not be fooled by such beautiful view thinking that this is a calm place. Cancun is a resort and has an impressive architecture, and a party life that can be described as unforgettable. It is a perfect destination for spring breakers that want to have the time of their lives, clubs like Coco Loco, and The City make sure to bring the best possible experiences to people all around the world. When visiting it is possible to meet all kinds of different cultures and enjoy an experience starting at 9:00 pm and ending when the sun appears again. There is no limit for fun in Cancun, swimming with dolphins, going through caves and playing golf like a professional. There is nothing like partying like crazy until the night is over and waking up to a beautiful view that will make yo feel like you are dreaming.

London, England

England’s captial is probably one of the most visited cities in the world. With many different attractions that appeal to a variety of people, London is a public’s favorite when it comes to destiny for vacations.

Among the most famous attractions are the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, the Parliament, the Big Ben, and the giant ferris wheel London Eye.


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When visiting London, it is almost impossible to not go see the official London residence and main workplace of the British monarch, The Buckingham Palace. Its beautiful gardens and amazing architecture are already worthy the visit, but if you are lucky enough, you can also get a glimpse of the Changing of the Royal Guard. This is a very spectecular cereminoy that lasts around one hour, but because it is always so full of tourists, it’s recommended to get there a little earlier.



Lastly, an area in the city that attracts a lot of tourists is the Piccadilly Circus. As pointed out by some natives, Piccadilly Circus resembles a little Times Square. Around that area, it is possible to find many restaurants, and a very busy night life. Closeby, it is another famous place of London, the Trafalgar Square.





If you are a chill person, there is nothing like getting a bicycle and riding it through the canals and 1.281 little bridges that surround Amsterdam. If you are a more agitated person you will not be bothered by an intense night life that brings people from all over the world. Museums and the possibility of experimenting freedom on it’s best. Besides all that Amsterdam is normally referred as the capital of the evolved society.

There is an specific  place that young people from all around the world gather to have a crazy experience. The place is called Red Light District and it is maybe the most liberal place on earth, having the street surrounded by girls dancing on glass windows. The Red Light also stands out by its famous coffee shops, and no, they are not famous by their coffee, but for the use of hashish and marijuana as main source of all their products. If people want to take home, or eat it there, it does not matter, it is certain that you will have a blast.

Budapest, Hungary

Eastern Europe has became a very attractive destiny for tourists over the past few years. One of the cities that has attract the greatest number of visitor is Hungary’s capital, Budapest.

With its assorted architecture that ranges from Roman, to Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, Budapest is pretty easy on the eyes. A walk along the Danube river can provide amazing views. From one side, you can have a breath-taking sight of the Buda Castle, and from the other side you can admire the Hungarian Parliament.



Many bridges connect Buda and Pest (the two sides of Budapest), but the most famous one is The Chain Bridge. It was the first bridge accross the Danube river in Budapest, and it remains as one of the most important attractions for tourists in the city. A funny fact about the bridge is that the lions that adorn the bridgehead have no tongue.

bigpreview_Budapest, Hungary


Among many historic monuments in Budapest, a quite remarkable one is “Shoes on The Danube Promenade”, which is located on the bank of the Danube River and honors the Jews who were killed during World War II.






Now that winter is coming and you will have a break of at leaf a month, wouldn’t you like to spend those day is the beach with the sun in your body warming you up and some refreshing breeze passing through? well, how about going to Miami for winter break? I have had the opportunity to visit Miami and I love it every time more. My favorite part is the beach because it is a place you can be fully relaxed at and just listen to the sound of the sea crashing against the sand while getting tan; what could be better?

Plus, the city has amazing sales all year round! thus you can get things of really good brands for really fair prices; the malls are huge, so you have a lot of options to choose from. The city does not have the best museums in my opinion but it has other things to do like multiple cultural events that happen daily. It is also fairly close to Disney, thus, if you feel like taking a longer trip, go to Miami and enjoy what the city has to offer.



Bogotá, is the capital of the beautiful country Colombia. It is the politic, economic, administrative, industrial, artistic, cultural, turista and sport epicenter of the country.  It is located in the middle of Colombia, in a natural region known as the Sabana de Bogotá, which is next to the Andes cordillera. is the third highest capital in South America, after La Paz and Quito, being 2625 meters above the sea level. In 2010 the population was 7, 363, 782. Bogota is also commonly known as “The South American Athens” because of its wide list of cultural events.    

I have been to Bogotá multiple times already and I love it. The city is very different from any other city in my beautiful homeland; the pace is very fast and they dress in neutral colors just like in any other busy, big city. There’s always something going on like concerts or plays or cultural events of that kind. I am really excited because I will have the opportunity to visit in a week and see all of the amazing things the city has to offer. I would recommend you travel to Bogotá if you like cities rather than nature and also, if you like good nightlife, Bogotá is the place to be!Image 




I consider myself a dreamer,  a big time dreamer; one of my biggest dreams has always been going to the love city, Paris. It is located in the north of France and it’s one of the largest population centers in Europe. Paris is known for being big on art and culture; it is also the landmark for many movies -mostly romantic-. I have always dreamed of going there and taking multiple pictures next to the Eiffel Tower, traveling in little boats through the river and going to a nice restaurant a eat some amazing french bread.

I have met people from Paris -at least 5- and they are all extremely nice but every time I say I want to go they say that people in the city are really cold and not very helpful. Thus, if you are planning to travel to Paris, make sure you have your own maps and thing of that kind, because if you ask someone, they might get annoyed and then, they won’t help you.



The deadline for Essay Four is right around the corner and the preparation must start; the first thing I do whenever I have an essay due, is set a deadline for reading my sources, and take from them what I need. Then I do an outline with the ideas that seemed most important for me and the things that I feel are necessary to put on my essay. Then I start writing following the outline done previously, and I continue this way until all of the ideas have been completed.

Essay Four is probably the most challenging of all of the essays we have done so far, not only because is longer, but because it requires a personal opinion of a phenomenon that has not yet been settled with specific causes. Thus, it requires lots of time to be invested on it and a lot more research in order to make a decision on what theory one must chose for conniving the readers. It also must present facts that support your theory and valid arguments to back up the information given.

I hope my process works and the result of it is a well-writen essay that will be a good experience for my readers to read and enjoy!

Rough Draft essay 3



As we start getting closer and closer to the final project: the research paper, our writing must improve and become more deep; thus, that’s something I really tried with this rough draft. I put my own in this paper because it is a topic that is really close to me, to my heart, as it makes me remember my goodnight kiss everyday from my day, which would be follow by “tell yourself to remember your dreams tomorrow morning.” In the essay I explain why it was so important to me to do so and how it began to be a problem as my dreams started to become nightmares. My readers (classmates) really liked the fact that I made it really personal because, somehow it made it easier for them to relate to it, and thus, easier to read. I will work a lot in my transitions in order to make them smoother and I will try and give some more information on the final draft without giving away too much.

So far I have really liked it and I will just keep working on making it better!

Research Paper Proposal

Dreams have always been one of the world’s greatest mysteries; everyone has always wondered why they dream what they dream but not many people have actually sat down and researched about it.  I was one of those people, but not anymore. In this research project I will focus on the one question “why do dreams occur?” which will lead me to the deepest part of the brain as I try to figure out the answer. I am proposing this topic because there are various theories about it and not just one big truth; thus with my project, I want to show the reader the different options he/she has as possible theories and then maybe choose one that suits their own experience. I also want to use this research paper to find my own truth about what dreams are and why they happen.